RaGa says ‘no to marriage for now, plans for future is to defeat PM Modi in 2019’

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'Your Highness', this is why RaGa has a new name for NaMo

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that he has no future plans to get married for now as his plans for the future is to remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi from power. “I am wedded to the Congress party,” was his answer to a question as to when he was going to get married.

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In an interaction with the journalists in Hyderabad, the Congress President said that for now his priority is to defeat PM Modi in the 2019 elections. “We are talking to several like-minded parties, including those who were associated with us in the past and some new allies, to form a grand alliance to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party in the next elections,” he said.

He expressed his confidence and said that his party would come into power in 2019, when a journalist asked if he is going to come defeat PM Modi in 2019 or not “I bet, it is going to happen,” he said. He also said that there is no chance of PM Modi to come in the power in 2019.

“Moreover, if Modi has to become the PM again, the BJP has to win 230 seats on its own for which it has to win all the seats in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is next to impossible, as the Congress party alliance with Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party in UP and Rastriya Janata Dal in Bihar would bag majority of the Lok Sabha seats,” Gandhi insisted.

He said that he has no personal differences with Modi, but he differs strongly with him on ideological terms. “The Congress party has been fighting an ideological battle with the BJP and the RSS for several decades. It is on these ideological grounds that the Congress is forming an alliance with other like-minded parties,” he explained.

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When asking about the hugging PM Modi in the parliament he said “I had done it (hugging Modi) only to show that I don’t believe in hating people. But Modi doesn’t like his political rivals. He doesn’t even give them due respect. He doesn’t listen to anybody, but wants others to listen to him.”




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