Look who took the Kiki Challenge and you’ll surely stop thinking about taking one

The Kiki Challenge is all over the internet and taking the internet by storm. An RJ from Bengaluru made a video that is funny but comes with an important message. Sriram’s video is a take on the deadly Kiki Challenge and to spread awareness.

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In the video, RJ Sriram can be seen trying to attempt the Kiki Challenge and but is stopped by ‘Lord Yamraj’. Bengaluru has a creative take to give out all the messages for road safety and often use Ganesha and Yamraj to deliver all these messages. When RJ Sriram gets out of the car he is stopped by the Yamraj from doing so and start dancing on ‘In My Feelings’ from discouraging him to stop.

The Kiki Challenge has created a lot of controversies because it breaks traffic rules and safety rukes.


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