3 Indian men asked to clean station as ‘Kiki challenge’ punishment

3 Indian men asked to clean station as 'Kiki challenge' punishment
3 Indian men asked to clean station as 'Kiki challenge' punishment

A court in Mumbai has ordered sentence for three young men after they performed the ‘Kiki challenge’, and one of them is the television actor Shyam Sharma. They have been ordered to clean a railway station in Mumbai for three days as they performed the challenge in front of a moving train.

The other two men named Nishant Shah and Dhruv Shah along with Shyam Sharma had posted videos in which one of the men got off the train and started dancing to the In My Feelings song by Drake while the train was moving. The other man was hanging from the door of the train to film him. The video was posted by Nishant, who owns his YouTube channel Funcho where it ran for five days and received two million views.

They were punished to clean the Vasai railway station on Wednesday from Thursday to Saturday between 11 am and 2 pm and 3 pm and 5 pm. In the first half, they were asked to clean the station and then to create and spread an awareness campaign against dangerous stunts and acts in the second half.

Apart from the video of these men, many other videos have been posted on social media of people moving out of vehicles and dancing to the Kiki challenge song, however, no one had been arrested until the Railway Protection Force caught the three men.

An awareness campaign has been launched by the police of Mumbai that said “Kiki is bored of her own challenge. Get into the car” followed by another social message “We love your safety and can’t leave it to be decided by Kiki.” The messages have been printed on billboards at several locations.


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