6 essential tips to make a road trip with teens highly successful & fun

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6 essential tips to make a road trip with teens highly successful & fun

Road trips are fun! They can be enriching, experiential and a perfect way for a family to spend time together. Yet, every road trip depends upon the kind of people onboard. A road trip with toddlers needs to be assessed and planned differently than what needs to be done for teens.
As parents, it is crucial to envisage what their requirements could be. After all, that’s the only way you can get near perfect for your road trip.

So, here are some tips for your impending travel with teen kids.

Treat them like adults –
How much ever you are the parent and they the kids, the fact remains that they are grownups now. They need to be treated the same way. Get ideas from them, explore possibilities with their inputs. Let the kids google search to come up with travel plans. Welcome their ideas.

Take charge 
Let the older kids take charge of the plan. The decision on the location or holiday spot should be as much theirs as yours. This makes them a part of the plan and god forbid, if the end result isn’t as good as expected, no one gets to blame anyone. A joint decision works!

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Being tired is natural, don’t overplan
Assuming that older kids can survive a longer run on the road, is a perfect recipe for stress. Build in time to rest, stop overs, food halts and just plain muscle flexing, as a part of the itinerary. Make a joint plan. Get activities they like to indulge in as an essential part of the plan. Don’t tire them. Over scheduled kids are unhappy and cranky. Break up the trip in such a way that they get good sleep and restore their energies.

Daily WIFI Access
Most parents of teens say that in today’s world this is crucial. Kids this age are connected to their friends, they like to play and download on their tabs and phones. Give it to them then. Have time parked for this. Let them access WIFI at stops. Keeps kids happy and ultimately parents.

Snack the stack!
Hunger is, across ages, the main issue when discontentment starts to rise in kids. Road trips mean long periods of inaccessibility. Keep stalked. Fruits, snacks, munchies, drinks, juices – whatever the kids like. Remember – a holiday and that too a road trip isn’t the best time to force good eating habits on kids. Keep them happy with stuff they will eat.

Music works
Music works when you are in the car with teens. Take turns to be the DJ for the hour. Let them be able to play their music.

Let them ‘be’
And Lastly, remember that they are ‘big’ kids with a head on their shoulders. Too much manoeuvring will be detrimental. Give them time to be on their own. To explore in the way, they would like. Over bearing parents can create distances.
Let them read, sleep, talk, listen to music – whatever. It’s their time.

A road trip with teens is fun – if dealt with the correct manner.


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