This company is inviting you to live in Italy, with this Chocolate tasting job

Sweet-tooth job alert!

The brand owned by the Italian company Ferrero, Nutella is on a hunt for “60 sensory judges” to give feedback on its cocoa, hazelnut and other ingredients used to make the decadent spread.

According to a job opening posted in Italian to Open Job Metis website on behalf of Soremartec Italia, the Ferrero research company, the confectioner is hiring taste testers that will play a key role in making its products even better.

“We are looking for people who would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnut grains, and other semi-finished sweet products,” a translation of the advert reads.

“A paid training course, starting in September will aim to educate the sense of smell and taste and improve the ability to express in words what will be perceived with the tasting of semi-finished products. At the end of the course, participants deemed fit for the job will be hired for a long-term position with a part-time commitment of two days per week for two hours,” adds the advert.

There will never be a better reason to pick up and move overseas.


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