AI to take over Automobile Industry too; check out how

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a fictitious concept limited to sci-fi books and movies. The 21st century has been a turning point for the use of Artificial Intelligence, with at least one in five companies incorporating AI in their processes. The latest to join the bandwagon is the automobile industry, which has also begun exploring the possibility of using Artificial Intelligence to create self-driving cars, guidance systems, and improved parking assistance.

Last year, Tata Motors, one of the premier car manufacturers of India, partnered with tech giant Microsoft to integrate their cars with advanced digital systems. Soon, Tata cars will have inbuilt navigation systems, over the air traffic updates, and intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems. Drivers will also be able to use their smartphones to have an even more enhanced experience with their futuristic cars.

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Even Tesla, the company that’s been taking the entire tech world by storm, plans to introduce an AI personal assistant and develop their own AI chips for their line of high tech, electric vehicles. The company’s billionaire CEO, Elon Musk, took to Twitter to announce his plans for introducing a “K.I.T.T.” like AI assistant in their cars. K.I.T.T was a fictional AI car in the popular 1980’s American TV show, Knight Rider.

Musk has often taken to Twitter to announce new, exciting ideas for his cars. In June, he announced that Tesla was working on introducing full self-driving features in their cars, a promise the company seems to be keeping so far.


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