The Kiki challenge is giving nightmares to cops around the world

The Kiki challenge is giving nightmares to cops around the world
The Kiki challenge is giving nightmares to cops around the world

Does dancing on the roads along with moving vehicles sound weird and scary? But, to your surprise, this is what the world is up to and thousands of social media users are going gaga over it.

This new Kiki dance challenge is a rage among the world. It is also called the In My Feelings Challenge. The inspiration for this challenge is none other than the American rapper Drake with his latest track.

The song line goes like ‘Kiki do you love me’, that has left all policemen across the world frightened and they have been issuing warnings against the challenge.

Basically, the Kiki dance challenge asks the participant to dance along with a moving car and finally jumping back into the car. The act is performed in the middle of the traffic and the performer has to jump out of a slow moving vehicle.

June 30 was when the challenge started going viral after the comedian Shiggy posted his video on Instagram in which he was seen dancing to the song on the road. Following the post, various celebrities such as Will Smith and Odell Beckham Jr uploaded their videos and after that the video became a challenge.

However, there are several reasons for the police for warning people against the act. It has caused many injuries, people have fallen into pot holes, and they have been crashing into poles and pillars.

They also tweeted warnings on their handles for parents to stop their kids from trying this challenge.

Dear Parents, whether Kiki loves your child or not, we are sure you do! So please stand by your kids in all the challenges in life except #kikichallenge . #KiKiHardlyAChallenge #InMyFeelingsChallenge #UPPolice

— UP POLICE (@Uppolice) July 30, 2018

Even from other countries like the USA, UAE, Malaysia, and Spain, cops have reported cases of mis-haps owing to the Kiki dance challenge.


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