Stranded at the airport? Indulge in these activities & make it a memorable experience

Stranded at the airport? Indulge in these activities & make it a memorable experience

Stranded at the airport? Flight has been delayed? On a layover which is turning out to be longer than you expected? No problems. An airport can be interesting too. Even though the thought of staying for long at an airport seems tedious and bothersome, it can sometimes be a relief in disguise. A time to get away from the normal, try something different or best ‘invest time’ in yourself – a rare commodity in today’s rushed life.

Here are some ways in which you can enjoy an airport experience.

Re-discover yourself
Take out time for yourself. Find a nice lounge, quiet rooms and detach from the world. Use this time to meditate, read, write, listen to music – just anything which you haven’t been able to do for a long time.
Most airports have free WIFI. Download reading material or music and make the most of it.

City tour

If your layover is particularly long and you are permitted to leave the airport, then consider a day trip to the city you are in. Check with the help desks available at all airports.

Eat like a king or queen! Enjoy your meal. Don’t let it be rushed the way it is otherwise. Find a good restaurant at the airport and indulge yourself. They also have TV or music playing most times, so that would be a good add on.

Lounge it out for a small fee
Put up your feet and relax at a paid lounge at the airport. If you are a frequent traveller, chances are you can anyway get lounge access. They also provide free of cost food and drinks, so treat yourself to a mini holiday.

Spoil yourself at airport spas
Most airports nowadays have spas and fitness centres. A perfect way to fight the stress, late flying hours and the tension of work. Book an appointment, depending upon the time at hand and have a field day…literally! A massage is just what the doctor ordered for you.
Exercise at the fitness centres, take a shower and prep for the flight ahead.

Duty free shopping is a big high at international airports. Pick up last minute gifts, souvenirs, chocolates or alcohol. Give time to screen things and try them on.

People Watch
A rare thing but something which can keep you engaged for a while. The different personalities one gets to see at airports is a tremendous opportunity. Happy, sad, confused, time crunched, old, young and very young – the airport is full of a variety of people, in different circumstances.
Watch and analyse them to understand what their stories could be.
You never know when you have your book of mysteries ready!

So, next time you are all by yourself and stranded due to a flight delay, fret not! There is enough to be done.

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