Google bans crypto miners from Play Store

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Google bans crypto miners from Play Store

In a bid to ensure cybersecurity, tech major, Google, has updated its Play Store developer policies as it has banned several categories of apps, including cryptocurrency mining and apps with disruptive ads.

When it comes to cryptocurrency apps, Google reportedly said that mining apps are now prohibited, but apps that ‘remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency’ are still permitted.

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Meanwhile, Cupertino tech giant, Apple, also recently banned apps that mine cryptocurrency, stating that, “the only cryptocurrency mining apps allowed are those that mine outside of the device, like cloud-based mining.”

Google has also prohibited repetitive apps which mimic or provide the same experience as apps that already exist on the platform in the Google Play store. As per the revised policy, apps can be removed if they copy content from another app without adding anything new or unique, or if a developer makes multiple apps that have similar content and user experiences.

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