Don’t buy, get your own booze at clubs and bars

Don't buy, get your own booze at clubs and bars
Don't buy, get your own booze at clubs and bars

Almost every one would be happy about the idea of sipping on a few drinks after work, or if they are catching up with buddies over a weekend or in the evenings. However, with the increase in the taxes, especially those on liquor, drinking in pubs, bars, or clubs has become difficult for connoisseurs.

In this case, what do you think a person who enjoys his or her couple of drinks should do? They would drink at home and then head out for a meal or find a way where they can drink and eat at the same time.

A drink by the glass is something every one is familiar with. However, a new trend has been gaining pace and that is BYOB or Bring Your Own Booze which actually means carrying your drink at a restaurant and enjoying it with your food.

In India, especially in Delhi, this concept is rapidly catching up among the youth as many bars and pubs have started following it. Now, who would not like to carry their choice or liquor to a restaurant and enjoy delicious food in the best company? Even if it is means that you want to entertain a few buddies, this trend seems to be a better option that hosting them at home.

However, one area of caution here is that you might need to check the prices of appetisers before visiting these places as they might be hiked. In this case, restaurants might serve finger food or appetisers at premium prices to compensate for their bill amount.

Some places in Delhi NCR have begun this concept before the others and include The Friends Republic, Gardenia Food and Grill, Plan B-You Must Have, and Outback in Gurgaon. Mumbai too has welcomed this concept happily and some options to head to are Chinese Garden, Global Fusion, and Centre Point Borivali. Bengaluru, has started with its first BYOB restaurant named Kanua.




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