Not afraid, why this girl should inspire you

Not Afraid, why this girl should inspire you

Have you ever been touched inappropriately while in public place? Most of the women at some point of time have been harassed by their relatives, their colleagues or a total stranger. And often, we just accept the situation and move on.

In a similar incident that took place on the 10th of July, a girl, travelling from Allahabad to Delhi in an overnight train was harassed by a co-passenger. But instead of keeping quiet, Ayushi Agarwal decided that she had had enough and reported the incident.

Ayushi took to Facebook to share her experience. In her Facebook post, she recounted the entire incident where she was harassed by a passenger in the middle of the night and how he just apologized and left when she questioned him.

She went to the TT and reported the entire incident to the police present on the train.

Ayushi did not succumb to the pressure of the man’s family, society or the police. She decided it’s time to do something and she did. Her post went viral and received a tremendous response.

In a recent post, Ayushi shared that she received numerous private messages from other women, sharing their experiences and how much they regretted not being able to speak up.

In the video, she talks about how we can end our silence on sexual harassment. She shared 3 very important points we need to keep in mind when we are in a similar situation – ‘ (1) by understanding what causes our silence; (2) by learning how to defeat these instincts; and (3) by effectively choosing a response’ she wrote in the post.

We often talk about what our government and our judicial system should do but it’s time we stand up for ourselves. It’s time we speak up.


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