Bring your own photographer (BYOP) – is it a new travel fad?

Bring your own photographer (BYOP) - is it a new travel fad?
Bring your own photographer (BYOP) - is it a new travel fad?

Is it true that people plan vacations to treasure memories and experiences for a lifetime? For the good or the bad, the trend of travelling these days has changed. More than living the moments, it is about treasuring and re-living them through visuals and other ways. And if we talk about visuals, photographs are the best medium to communicate experiences and memories and to preserve them for a life-time.

Pose and click is the all-new-thing that one needs on a vacation now. However, for some people, clicking pictures and capturing moments makes a lot of sense on a holiday. It could be a destination wedding, a family vacation, a bachelorette with friends or siblings, or even a honeymoon.

It could at times become a hassle for the travellers to keep clicking pictures themselves and at times they may forget the important parts of the vacation that need to be captured. For this reason, primarily, they have started taking professional photographers with them at their destination who takes away their burden of remembering to pose and click every time.

More than anything else, this fad is catching up heavily among honeymoon couples. It may sound strange to some people, but this is a fact. Newly married couples enjoy getting clicked with their spouses under dazzling backdrops.

Also, because of the constant use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, it is also the pressure of people knowing where you are and what you are doing, and some applications exclusively are for who posts better pictures such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Gone are those days of dusty photo albums and video tapes, the memories are now shared openly with our friends and families on-the-go. So, it makes sense for many people to hire professional photographers for a vacation either at their destinations or to be taken with them throughout their journey.

Hiring a local professional photographer would be a better idea since he or she would know all the hot spots for the best shots and would know the kind of lighting and backdrop that would be required for the particular location. They would also know about the rules and regulations as in where one can click photographs and where photography is prohibited.


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