Fretting on your first holiday with a toddler? A travel checklist for parents

It’s never easy to travel with toddlers. As a parent, enough thought needs to go in ensuring a ‘been-a-success’ tag to the holiday.
Here are some tips which will help, while traveling with a toddler.

Destination matters
The location, hotel facilities and the weather are important points to bear in mind. The child friendliness of the location can be a deciding factor for most parents.
Call and check with the hotel if they can provide any specific foods for the baby etc.
Apart from this, the location needs to have enough entertainment options for the child as well as medical facilities, if the need arises.

Toiletries and diapers
Carry enough. You don’t know when you would require the extras. Sanitizers, rash free creams, wipes, shampoos that the child is used to (using outside cosmetics can lead to skin allergies in young kids).

Medicine box
Children this age are prone to either falling down and hurting themselves or food related stomach upsets. Cold, cough, fever are also common issues that parents experience during holidays. Hence, a kit with frequently used medicines is a must. Check with your pediatrician before deciding the kit.
Part from medicines, carry antiseptic liquids, band aids, cotton, gauze, thermometer etc too.

Entertainment needs
Kids this age need action. Keeping them contained in long flights and journeys can be troublesome. As parents, you need to be armed. Pack a few of your kid’s favourite games and activities. Books, toys, puzzles, interactive games, CD’s with a portable cd player, can be some essentials.

Ensure you hand each of these over a period of time. Carry a comfort toy for the child too.

Clothing for the location
If the weather is going to be warm and humid then pack light summer clothes and vice versa. Do enough research before heading out. Be prepared. With kids, its ok to carry extra clothing, as their clothes get soiled faster than adults.

Stroller & car seat planning
If you are going to be on a road trip with your child, ensure you have spoken to the agency in advance for a comfortable car seat depending upon the child’s age.
A stroller, if the walking sprees are going to be high. Even inflight, book comfortable seats in advance.

Chill and let the kid chill too!
Stressed parents create stressed kids. So stay calm, even if it’s difficult, enjoy the moment so that you can find solutions rather than creating more problems for yourself and the family. It’s a holiday so don’t bother about bedtime, illnesses which may come and issues that may happen. It rubs on the child too.

Develop an itinerary
Develop a rough daily itinerary, making sure to include time to eat, rest and play! Be sure not to over schedule. Allow for misses and alternative plans.

A holiday is supposed to be fun time! A toddler may be experiencing it for the first time. As a parent, ensure they enjoy each and every moment.


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