Whatsapp launches a new feature to save you from spam

Whatsapp’s new feature has come into action after getting pulled up by the government of not controlling the spread of misinformation, rumors and fake information. Whatsapp has taken some initiatives to resolve this problem but now it has come up with a proper solution to curb this problem.

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Whatsapp has come up with a new feature called ‘suspicious link detection’ which will warn the users about the links that are harmful to their security. These links will come in red colour and with a ‘suspicious link’ label so that you know that these links are suspicious.

WhatsApp will also hide the link URL and if a user proceeds to click the link, they will be shown a notification — “Suspicious Link. This link contains unusual characters. It may be trying to appear as another site.”

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There is a website called ‘WABetainfo’, a website that monitors a platform, the feature has made its way to the beta version of WhatsApp.


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