Priya Prakash endorses Rahul’s wink, calls it a ‘sweet gesture’

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Yesterday finally Rahul Gandhi was able to break the Internet for all the right reasons. It was a hug and finally a wink that make the cameras go wild in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Of course the Internet burst out in memes and cartoons and Twitter was full of those who liked the break in the monotony and brick batting and those who thought it was an affront to the PM. But, one person who got back in news is the Internet sensation, Priya Prakash Warrior. There were a zillion posts comparing the two winks and the comparison that seemed inevitable.

Finally we have a statement from the wink specialist herself. Welcoming Gandhi to the wink club, Priya said, “I have come back from college to see the news that Rahul Gandhi has winked at our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in the Parliament. He has greeted him with the wink which is a very sweet gesture and I am very happy that it was my signature move in the movie where I started off. So, yeah, today I’m very happy.”

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Rahul Gandhi and his hug to PM Modi is currently overloading the Internet. While it was overwhelming to get over the hug that left the PM obviously startled, it was his wink that ended up breaking the Internet. In no time, Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi were all over the Internet giving the nation a well-needed dose of laughter.

But, before hugging the PM, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the alleged BJP IT cell and said, “You all must think that I have a lot of hatred in my heart against the Prime Minister, but actually that is not the case. In fact, Modiji, the BJP, and the RSS taught me the meaning of being a member of the Congress party. They have taught me the meaning of being Indian. They have taught me the meaning of being a Hindu and a devotee of Lord Shiva. Being an Indian and being a Congressman means no matter what falsehood someone speaks against you, you do not harbor ill-will against them. For this, I thank you.”

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