Date night? Office meeting? These monsoon colours can create an impact

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Date night? Office meeting? These monsoon colours can create an impact

As seasons change, so does the palate of colours that we like to dress ourselves in. While summers saw more of white’s, pastels and dull colours, winters would be a burst of dark shades, greys and blues.
But, it’s the in between monsoons, which make dressing even more challenging yet fun!
And this season – the aura is a step away from the ritualistic! This monsoon, bold is the new.

Monsoons mean an overcast, grey clouds, rains that numb everything and a general sense of calmness as the clouds come and take over our mantle. But what fashionistas and designers say for 2018, is that it would be different. Colours are out to take over us with a storm. A rush of bright, bold and mystical colours to keep the monsoon blues away.

Here are some colours that promise to dazzle this rainy spell.

Denim Ink blue: Blue can never be out of fashion. Some or the other shade will always dominate the fashion scene. Having moved beyond the denim tag, blue is a popular choice nowadays. Get a skirt, a dress or just a scarf – blue, especially ink blue, indigo will always keep you in vogue.

Chocolate brown: This colour is not just bold but it also needs an attitude to go with it. Browns have come a long way beyond being seen in just jackets, boots, coats etc. The young at heart have experimented with it in myriad ways. Style it the way it suits you. This can be one party statement.

Peach: This is soothing. Not only does it underplay bold colours but stands out even when worn on its own. From Indian to western and the in between’s – peach has the balance to be formal and casual at the same time. Beat the rainy weather with this soothing to the eye kind of colour.

Magenta: this colour has the beauty of converting any dress into a diva look. The rich texture of magenta looks stunning. Wear it in formal dresses, or as shirts – magenta can enhance any dull situation. Magenta lipsticks have been in vogue for a while now and can make any occasion ultra uber.

Maroon: Now, this is an ethereal one. A place of permanency, whichever the season be. What has changed is the format in which it is being dealt with. From being considered a formal colour, which went well with dresses and sit-down clothing; maroon has a come a long way forward. Now considered young and bold, use it for casuals, jumpsuits and off-shoulder shirts on your jeans. It promises to create the same magic that it does to formals.

Green: green means freshness, life and energy. Monsoons always create lush green magic around us. Life seems to sprinkle up to glory. And that’s exactly what the colour also does. It infuses a new lease of life into the mundane. Team it with khaki pants, brown skirts or just blue jeans, this colour can make any complexion shine up.


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