Monsoon colours: what the colours of the VIBGYOR really mean

Monsoon colours: what the colours of the VIBGYOR really mean
Monsoon colours: what the colours of the VIBGYOR really mean

Monsoon brings with it overcast skies, drizzle, and heavy rain showers. They are accompanied by emotions of all kinds in people. Some people celebrate the season with the favourite songs along with delicious pakodas and piping hot tea. Rainbow is an important and beautiful concept, and knowing the significance of the colours is equally important.

Rainbow is a combination of seven colours and VIBGYOR stands for violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. According to astrology, the seven colours represent nine planets.


Violet is considered to be the highest element of spirituality. The colour is regularly used by artists, musicians, and actors. The lighter shades of violet indicate sorrow.


Indigo is mystical, elevates spiritual upliftment, self-awareness, and initiation enhancement. The colour is known to reduce irritability and chronic fatigue. It affects sleep, immunity and moods.


Blue is the colour of hope, truth, harmony, calmness, and heavenly consciousness. The colour activates creativity, lowers the body temperature, and deepens the breathing process.


The colour green denotes nature. Growth, balance, health, wealth, and fertility are depicted from green. It is a cool colour and has positive effects. Green improves vision and reduces the allergic reactions to food.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine and depicts clarity of mind and thoughts, wisdom, and energy. The yellow colour is typically a stress buster and brings positive vibes and a religious aura.


The colour orange represents creativity and ambition and it is a colour of nourishment, thereby increasing and balancing the appetite. It induces relaxation and the potential for sleep increases. Orange helps in curing diseases such as asthma, kidney ailments, and menstrual issues.


The colour red depicts passion and enthusiasm. It also signifies security and vitality. Red makes the taste buds sensitive, lightens the sense of smell and is a sign of attraction towards the opposite sex.


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