A wet phone? Frizzy hair? Smelly clothes? Monsoon hacks that’ll come handy

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A wet phone? Frizzy hair? Smelly clothes? Monsoon hacks that'll come handy

Officially, Monsoons have hit India! From Mumbai to Delhi – monsoon has taken control of our lives. The coastal areas, in this season can beat any European landscape. Lush greens, beautiful water falls, water dripping from leaves – monsoons have a charm that no other season has.
Yet there are times, when monsoons burden us with everyday worries.

What if I get drenched? What if my mobile gets wet? Flies and the diseases that accompany it? Water clogging? Smelly clothes? These are some of the issues that bother us each day.
We have some quick home hacks for you that can resolve this issue. Monsoons will soon be about the hot cuppa coffee, piping hot snacks and a window to see water dripping by. Perfect! Isn’t it!

Let’s read on –

When water visits the phone –
Invariably, getting caught in rains means water reaching your iPhone and other gadgets. As much as you try to save it, some drops can enter and stop the gadget from functioning. Don’t panic! Wipe it with a dry cloth and place it in a box of rice. The rice would absorb moisture.

Wet shoes
Imagine, you have an important meeting to attend and your shoes are dripping of water. No worries! Just stuff lots of tissue/paper towels inside and let it soak up the water. 80% problem is resolved. Also, rub your shoes with wax before stepping out.

Building immunity
Falling sick in this season is very common. Build your immunity by regularly drinking a concoction of lime water, honey and ginger in it. Turmeric is also a big booster.

Fly, fly…fly out!

This is, by far, the most irritating bit about monsoons. ‘dadima ke nuskhe” or Grandma’s remedies – this works well. Cut a lemon in two, insert cloves in it and keep it on the window sill or entrance of the rooms.

Keep your furniture dry

Save your fancy furniture. Oil it in advance with wax so that the moisture doesn’t get absorbed. Alternatively, use u un-perfumed hair oil. Termite and moisture will stay away.

De-frizz hair

Hair problems are common during monsoons. Frizzy and unkempt hair is an everyday issue. Take a pinch of hand cream and run it through your hair – it will settle them in.

Clothes smell? Don’t worry!

An evening out with friends? And you are smelling all damp and yuck? sprinkle some vodka on your outfit as it would act as a neutraliser and soften the smell.

Get the rain stains out
Whites got stained because of the rains? Put a white towel on the ironing board and place your top on it with the stain facing downwards. Then sponge it with a damp cloth and iron. Move your top to a dry part of the towel and repeat again until the stain has vanished.

Storing leather
Keep leather shoes, bags and jackets in a well-ventilated place so that they don’t stink. Don’t store wet shoes. Keep leather shoes in cloth bags.

Let monsoons be a happy season rather than a troublesome one!


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