Mumbai seas puke plastic; the same we gave it!

Its major high tides in Mumbai today. As the sea waves leap in, dozens of plastic, used coconut shells, even shoes and bits of clothing get washed in. The shore is full of them.

A sight, local Mumbaikars, have never seen before. Startled people are shocked to see such huge amounts of plastic in the form of straws, glasses etc being washed ashore.

And an eye opener for us! A call from the seas that enough is enough.

Take care of the environment or it comes back right on us.

Weather alert: 

Cops are out on the roads making public announcements, asking people to stay indoors and not go near the sea.

An alert has been issued. The municipal corporation workers are trying to clean up the heaps of plastic etc strewn all over the walking areas near the marine drive, Chowpatty and other areas of Mumbai.

The MET department has already cautioned 15th July 2018 as another major rains day.


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