Some commonly practiced skincare habits that cause more harm than good

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Do you experience damaged skin even when you use selective beauty products? Do you experience no improvement in your skin, even when you apply high quality beauty products? There is a deep-rooted reason for this. This happens because some of your habits, which you think are not harmful for your skin, can actually be damaging. If you routinely follow some wrong habits, even if they are subconsciously done, then you can have pimple, rashes, dark spots, itching etc.

Here is a list of some commonly followed flaws which can spoil our skin texture. Have a look.

Overdoing products: Excessive use of skincare products is a big no-no. Sometimes the products do not work well together and cause problems like clogged pores. Stick to a routine as simple as cleansing, toning, protecting and moisturising. Use additional products only when necessary.

Smoking: Not only is smoking harmful for your lungs and health, it’s also unhealthy for your skin causing premature ageing. It increases the risk of cancer and delays in healing of injuries.

Picking pimples: Often, picking pimples does not remove all the pus and spreads the bacteria to the skin instead. Even if the activity appears tempting, pull your hand down right away to avoid scars, marks and even more pimples.

Scrubbing too much: The lesser known fact is that this process, if done excessively, can remove healthy cells too. Exfoliating your skin too much can remove the barrier and leave it red and raw. You must be thinking scrubbing your face frequently could be good but no, it does more harm than good. If you have a sensitive skin then use mild scrubs. Use natural products like ultra-mild scrubs that gently scrub away skin impurities.

Not washing face post-workout: The contact that your body has with the germs already present on the equipments of the gym can be very unhealthy for your skin. Sweat and grim accumulates in the pores. Wash right after the exercise, so that the dirt doesn’t remain on your skin for too long. One should wash the face even before a workout, so that there’s no makeup to clog the pores. Use gentle cleansing products which are anti-bacterial and clean up your face with cool (not cold) water. Pat, avoid wiping and dry-up only 90 percent of the water.

Be a little cautious and don’t follow the habits which can damage your skin. You will see the results with a few days. Also, use sunscreen daily. Follow a basic routine, don’t do anything extra until necessary.


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