No entry for single women in Gurugram’s MG Road clubs

No entry for single women in Gurugram's MG Road clubs
No entry for single women in Gurugram's MG Road clubs

Female stags are lately being denied entry in nightclubs and pubs on MG Road in Gurugram post the series of raids that were conducted recently on July 3. The idea behind the raids was to track the illegal trafficking of ladies. Since then, as per the joint decision of all club owners was to deny entry for single women in the clubs.

The new rule is that the females have to now be accompanied by their husbands and provide a proof of their marriage at the time of entry. They will not be allowed to enter with any other males be it their friends or boyfriends. This step has, however, been taken negatively by the females residing around the areas of these clubs as they find it discriminatory.

The last raid on July 3 was supervised by the police commissioner KK Rao and two club owners, two club managers, two bouncers and two dancers were handcuffed during the raid. Apart from the arrest, the owners of fifteen other clubs were called to the assistant police commissioner’s office and warned against any further conduct of the activity.

The club owners further denied the allegations saying that they will not entertain female stags to avoid any harassment by the police.




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