‘Demolish Taj if you can’t take care of it,’ SC slams the Government

Supreme Court on Wednesday blasted at the government saying that Taj Mahal has become a ‘hopeless cause’ and from July 31 it will daily hold the hearings on how to protect Taj from pollution.

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“Either you shut it, demolish it or restore it,” said the court, expressing their concern and dissatisfaction towards the monument and slamming the Ministry of Environment and Forest’s response on how to protect the monument.

The court ordered to form a special committee to check the source of pollution in and around the Taj Mahal and suggest the measures to prevent it. The court pulled up the Uttar Pradesh government for failing to protect the monument and said that a parliamentary standing committee’s report had been ignored.

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Agra lies in an industrial belt, and the city’s air pollution levels have risen sharply over the past 30 years. An air pollution database released by the World Health Organisation in May 2018 showed that Agra ranked eighth in the list of cities with the filthiest air.


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