You don’t need to dump your old socks now

You don't need to dump your old socks now
You don't need to dump your old socks now

At the time of refurbishing or cleaning your cupboard, you may come across some pairs of socks that you cannot wear any more. The first thing that would come to your mind would be to throw them immediately. But wait, no! Old socks can be used in a number of ways for household purposes besides wearing them. So, now preserve your old socks in a box and use them later.

Cleaning windows

Since the texture of socks in coarse, they act as great mops to clean windows. All you need to do is, dip the socks in soapy water and scrub the windows. Use a dry newspaper to make the windows look clean and neat.

Excellent body scrubber

For this, you need to wear the socks in your hands instead of your feet. Spread some soap or body wash on the socks and scrub your entire body to open the pores. They act as better scrubbers than loofahs that need to be changed regularly.

Cleaning boards

After using dusters on chalkboards, cleaning them becomes a task. This is when old socks come in to use. The best part about using socks to clean chalkboards is that you can even clean the socks if you find too much chalk dust on them.

Act as a layer between body and ice packs

In case, you need an ice pack but do not want to directly put it on your body, socks can act as the layer between your body and the ice pack.




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