Anime – a new form to express yourself

Anime – a new form to express yourself
Anime – a new form to express yourself

The term is quite simple to define, the Japanese form of animation. Almost every child who has access to the internet or television must have seen cartoons.

Anime has become incredibly popular over the last 10-15 years among kids and teenagers alike.

Anime was popularized in Japan in the late 1960s and became popular internationally in the 1980s especially with classics such as The Castle of Cagliostro and Lupin. Today, anime has minimum 50 million fans and there are anime expos, YouTubers who review anime and talk about it. Moreover, anime attracts interest on specific topics such as mythology, philosophy, science fiction and much more.

Between an age group of 3 to 75, anime is extremely popular due to a variety of reasons, too many in fact to fit into this article (although one must admit that a lot of the popularity comes from personal feelings) so let’s take the top 2 reasons according to me

Anime has a very loose definition of both reality and fiction, the beautiful blend of both liberalities of topics as well as good writing is quintessential to anime and the themes are called fantastical themes.

Anime covers a variety of genres – superheroes, transported to another world with magical powers, escapism and high school comedy, slice of life, drama and completely unrealistic sci-fi shows with mega-killer robots and mythological heroes fighting in the present days.

Most if not all anime are made with a very limited budget, however this becomes an advantage, an interesting display of the highly competitive internal market that has prevailed in Japan since the time of Samurai, each studio does tons and tons of programming and animations to give us great fights, amazing soundtracks and rainbow tinted visions of backgrounds that cause dizziness.

Specific studios outdo themselves because where there are physical limitations in movies; anime can surpass those barriers easily as all things are made either by drawing or the computer. Furthermore, where a movie is reliant on a plot, people solely watch anime because of the beauty in it.


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