Traveling abroad? Easy tips to keep your money, cards and banking details secure

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Traveling abroad? Easy tips to keep your money, cards and banking details secure

Once a holiday destination has been fixed, the flight tickets bought and the hotel bookings done, comes the next level of checks to ensure a full proof holiday. The money! Striking a balance between how much to carry and how to carry, is a thin line. Deterring thieves and ensuring you have money readily available is something every tourist has in mind.

Here are a few tips that can help you keep money safe, handy and easily accessible without the pain of over burdening yourself with stress.

Multiple locations for safe money

Having all your eggs in one basket, well, is not the best of ideas after all! Not only does it make your wallet hefty and cumbersome but also proves a potential eye catcher for the thief on the road. Keep some in the wallet, some on your body. Now-a-days, clothing is available with hidden safety pockets. Use these.

Anti-theft bags are a brilliant innovation too. They have features such as cut-proof material, slash-proof fabric and locking zippers.

Wallets need to be customised

A holiday means having specific things with you. And this applies not just to your suitcase but to your wallet also. Why carry local cards, memberships etc when you may not require them at all. Have a separate travel wallet instead. This should hold local currency, travel cards, international credit cards, identification and legal documented cards etc.

Inform banks about your travel

This may seem unimportant, but many a traveller have often complained about how they found themselves in a tight spot when a bank did not approve the authorisation when they used their card abroad. The bank needs to be told about plans so that they are prepared to handle big transactions and that too from another location.
This helps to avoid last minute card blockages. Make your travel hassle free.

Multiple credit or travel cards help

A travel card is certainly the best option to use these days. Not only is the amount loaded on it pre-decided; it also helps cut down costs in case of an unfortunate event like theft. It also helps keep a tab on the spending as you have a fixed amount to stick to.
Also, having multiple cards helps if one of them ceases to work.

Easy access to important numbers like the bank’s

Write down all relevant international customer service phone numbers in a notebook or piece of paper. Keep this in a safe place. In case of an unforeseen circumstance, you wouldn’t want to run around, trying to locate banks numbers.

Use the card as soon as you find an ATM

This helps you to know whether the card is functional and working or not. Also, many locations worldwide have different ways the ATM operates.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi for banking 

For those of us without internationally ready cell phones or who don’t want to incur roaming charges, public Wi-Fi can be the perfect solution. However, remember, these are rarely secure and important information such as passwords and banking details shouldn’t be used while on these networks. Use your hotel Wi-Fi systems instead. These are far more secure and safe.


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