Mother Earth to rescue Delhi from dust storms; a wall of trees to come up

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After failed attempts of science to reduce pollution and protect the environment in the country’s capital, Delhi, a programme has been initiated by Union Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate Change along with the help of Delhi Government, to protect the city from daily dust storms coming from the western side.

The initiative includes the creation of a wall, of nearly 31 lakh trees, encircling Delhi. This wall will protect the city from the regular dust storms that hit it from Rajasthan.
Central government has already started planting 31 lakh saplings of various native trees surrounding the city from three sides to help Delhi get rid of the regular Western dust storms.

This natural wall will encircle borders of Delhi with Haryana, Rajasthan and UP and will also encompass the Aravali and the Yamuna forest.
PTI reported one of the official’s, who stated that the initiative has two objectives, first, the absorption of pollution and the other to shield the capital from western dust storms.

All the trees that will be planted are proven scientifically to be thick, tall and able to stop the dust particles from rising above the sky. Trees like mahua, neem, jamun, amla, pepul, banyan, pilkhan, goolar etc. have been planned to be planted.
The scheme was launched on July 7th, 2018 and the government expects to finish the project within two years.


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