Watch an MP’s surprise when Siri starts talking in the middle of his speech

Interrupted by Siri

A member of the UK parliament was in for a shock when Siri woke up and interrupted his speech. It was an awkward moment for the British Secretary of Defense, Gavin Williamson, who was talking to the British Parliament about conflicts in the Middle East. He said Syria and the digital voice assistant on his iPhone ‘Siri’ responded to it.


Though he got away with a quick apology and an typically British remark about Siri’s interruption being a bit of a “rum business,” and “being heckled by his own phone” there were remarks on the social media about how the defense secretary of a country should be more careful about cybersecurity.

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The ‘hearing’ of digital voice assistants has been debated, especially after a few untoward cases in the US. One such incident was when a private conversation between a woman and her husband got recorded and landed up in the inbox of her husband’s colleague.

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