Messi-Ronaldo fire burns a relationship; couple files divorce over who’s better

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Messi-Ronaldo fire burns a relationship; couple files divorce over who's better

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo who is the best player in the world is a never-ending debate. Messi fans claim the Argentine is the greatest to have graced the game, whereas Ronaldo fans claim the Portuguese is the best all-around player ever.

Both the individuals have unreal talent and abilities, and the football world should be proud of witnessing two of the greatest sportspersons at the same time. Yet, their fans keep on arguing and even end up fighting to prove supremacy.

Well, one such case has recently come out. A couple is set for divorce after regular disagreement and arguments over who is the best player in the world. Arsen, a die-hard Messi fan, filed for a divorce, after his wife Lyudmila, a Ronaldo fan, kept on claiming that the Portuguese is better than the Argentine.

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The husband was quoted by Mirror as saying, “Since the beginning of the World Cup, she mocked Messi and said he couldn’t even score a penalty against Iceland.

“I could not contain myself and told her what I thought about the vain Ronaldo, the Portuguese national team and all the clubs she likes. Then I took my belongings and left her forever.”

While the duo had been debating on this topic since quite some time, the final nail in the straw was after Argentina’s 2-1 win over Nigeria. Messi scored a goal in that match as he helped his team qualify for the round of 16.

Despite his performance, the wife kept on claiming that Ronaldo is better than his counterpart. That was it for Arsen, who packed his bags and left the house. The following morning, he filed a divorce at the courts of the city of Chelyabinsk in the Urals.

Both Ronaldo and Messi’s campaign came to an end in the round of 16. Argentina was beaten 4-3 by France, whereas Portugal was knocked out by Uruguay 2-1.

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