Google Assistant, your new friend!

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Do you multi-task at work and home? Do you often need reminders for tasks to be completed or help in finding out things? Have you prayed for an assistant at times because your workload is immense and you could do with some help? Consider your prayers answered by Google. Your assistant is right there on your favorite device and ready to go.

Cortana by Microsoft is the best for laptops. You can set reminders, location-based, photo-based and time-based. It is a voice assistant present in all Windows-based devices. You just have to say and it will dig up the required data or information to you.

Just as in iOS devices, Siri, the virtual assistant has been adapted to all Apple hardware  like, iPhones, iPod touch, iPads, iMac, AirPod, Apple TV, Homepod and so on. It supports wide range of user commands including payments through third party apps, booking rides, calling etc.

Alexa, is an echo app that is needed to connect and used. The device comes with a speaker. It’s used for calling and texting as is connected to your phone. If you are using a home appliance from Alexa smart home store you can operate those devices via Alexa. You can shop on amazon quickly. ‘She’ can give you any information.

Google has now launched a new feature called Google duplex.

From now on, Google assistant will help us call anyone, book a table, find phone or know anything. You just have to say “Hey, Google!” and it will follow up the conversation. It is naturally conversational and visually assistive. It helps to get things done. Google has worked hard over the years to connect users to businesses. The foundation is voice. They are making it closer to what humans speak.

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If you ask it to call someone or book an appointment, assistant will call for you in the background. It also understands the nuances of a phone call. It’s ready for every unexpected conversation.

It has been found out that kids will become bossier and demanding if everything is available by just saying “Hey, Google!”, so, Google has introduced the word, “please” for seeking something from google assisstant. It responds to positive conversations with polite reinforcement. This will be introduced later this year.

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Also, there is a Google TV device which works by voice and touch. You can ask the assistant to put on your favourite show and it will do it.

G-mail is also being redesigned. A new feature is being added to it from which you get suggested phrases while writing your email. You just need to press ‘tab’ to auto-complete the sentence. It will suggest actions while using google photos like, auto fixing the brightness, recognising picture of a document and converting it into PDF, colour the black and white photographs etc.

From recent years they have been investing in the scale of computational architecture. Special machine learning chips are being used to make these devices hypersensitive.

Google assistant has been launched in 5000 kinds of devices covering 40 brands. It was launched last year in India. It has covered 30 languages and 80 countries.

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