Shailza murder case: Police uncover key evidence

The Delhi Police on Thursday recovered the bigger knife they suspected has been used by Major Nikhil Handa in allegedly killing Shailza Dwivedi, last week. The police earlier found a pocket knife from Handa, which they thought have been used for murder.

The bigger knife was found in from a wooded area along the Delhi-Meerut highway that Handa took to Meerut cantonment after allegedly killing Shailza. Forensic experts are yet to confirm if this is the only knife used in the murder.

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Handa allegedly tried to dispose of the knife and police also found some burnt clothes on the spot of the crime. The forensic experts said that the pocket knife was not used in the murder after looking at the wound caused by slitting the throat.

However, the police said that when they arrested Handa, the clothes he was wearing were the same he was wearing at the time of the murder. The police will now send the samples of the burnt clothes to the forensic team to find out if it belongs to Handa or Shailza.

“Handa misled us by claiming that he threw the bigger knife in Delhi Cantonment area. We carried out searches on Tuesday and Wednesday within a radius of 3km from the spot but could not recover it,” said the officer.

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A police official said the knife was recovered from a spot located a 45-minute drive from the Army guest house in Meerut where Handa had spent Saturday night after allegedly killing Shailza.


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