You can soon take a cow safari in Jaipur

You can soon take a cow safari in Jaipur
You can soon take a cow safari in Jaipur

Jaipur is the only proud state to have a cow ministry and the best way to show this pride is to show the love for cows in the state. A cow safari is being launched by the Rajasthan government with major plans.

A gaushala named Hingonia Gaushala allows people to spend time with approximately 15,000 cows which is on the outskirts of Jaipur.

In this safari, the visitors can watch cows graze in open fields, feed them, clean, massage and milk them. Tree houses are provided as shelter to the tourists where they can stay.

Expected to begin after Janmashtami, the safari would include people on bullock carts riding through the muddy terrain and forest area water bodies housing the gaushala.

The cow safari will be free of cost, however, if the visitors plan to stay in the huts, there would be a fixed tariff charged from them. There will almost 30 breeds of Indian cows and tourists can interact and play with all of them. An educational safari will also be included for those who wish to know about the different breeds and their features.

Cow adoption will also be allowed at the place the visitors will be staying during the cow safari. The centre plans to start a bull safari if the cow safari turns successful since there are about 10,000 bulls in the nearby area.


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