Valuable lessons that sports teach children; time to toss technology in the bins!

Valuable lessons that sports teach children; time to toss technology in the bins!

Most kids nowadays are addicted to technology. Whether it’s the television, the iPad or video games, the list is endless. The long term negative implications of these machines are many. The faster children can leave these tools and move towards outdoors, the quicker and healthier their growth is.

The benefits of sports go beyond helping kids stay just healthy. They help build character, confidence and team work. These are pillars for success in any field. The faster kids can inculcate these attributes, it will help them for the future.

Here are some important values that sports help in –

Team work is utmost
When children play, especially games which involve more people, they learn to unite and function together. Individual goals give way to team goals. The ‘I’ gives way to the ‘We’. Eventually, this translates to positive inter personal skills and comraderie in classrooms, workplaces and relationships.

Problem solving skills
Team games help kids find solutions and ways to combat the issue at hand. Every sport has challenges and the brain starts to work towards finding solutions.

Practice makes everyone perfect
Roger Federer did not become a tennis sensation overnight. Nor did Sachin Tendulkar. They all had to sweat and put in hours of hard work to achieve success. Sports teaches persistence. Schedules need to be adhered to. Children realise that to achieve a goal, hard work is important.

Develops an attitude of humility
No matter who wins in the end, the way either party handles the win or lose is more important. Be kind, gracious and accommodating of the fact that someone was better. The loss should not negate your spirits but urge you to make your game even better.

Decision making abilities
Making choices can be difficult. Playing team games help you to reason and conclude faster. They help you learn to think on your feet – literally! In the long run, it will help you take bigger decisions with more confidence, control and patience.

Sports teach you that failure is never final
Games can be lost and won. Nothing is final. World champions Germany crashed out of FIFA recently. Had anyone expected this? No. But situations arise and things happen. Doesn’t make them a bad team. Likewise, kids can lose games too. But they need to learn that bounce backs happen. Failure is not final. Learning from your failures and overcoming tough situations is the real indicator of success.

So, leave the remote, the phones at home, put on your shoes, strap your laces and run outside. The parks and courts beckon you! Happy playing..


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