Restaurants to now use cardboard and aluminium boxes following plastic ban

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Mumbai: The state of Maharashtra on Saturday announced that it will be completely plastic free.

Ramdas Kadam, the environment minister launched a decision of the state government to impose a ban on the use of plastic in the state. The decision was taken for the betterment of the state, as confirmed by the minister.

In a recent interview to ANI, he stated that it is a good thing that plastic is being banned from the state. Maharashtra is the 18th state to ban the use of plastic.

He further reveals that plastic is the cause of a problem for everyone. As per law now, the production and the use of plastic items such as plates, spoons, straws, and glasses will be stopped.

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The law was being discussed by the ministry from the past eight to nine months, and during the occasion of Gudi Padwa, the minister had mentioned that plastic items would be banned. He further reveals that he is very happy and that the court has taken a good decision.

The minister claimed that plastic is a dangerous thing and the problem is not only in Maharashtra but in the entire country across the world.

He stressed that in one day, there are at least 1,200 tons of plastic waste that is being generated that can cause an adverse effect on crops and water bodies.

Plastic is very hazardous as the burning of plastic causes a major health hazard that later leads to cancer. The citizens of the Mumbai had undertaken a campaign on the plastic ban and around 80% of the population had stopped using plastic bags before the order came into effect.

However, due to the plastic ban, the business of many restaurants in the area have seen the major dip. Companies such as Swiggy and Zomato have stopped delivering for a while, as there is a lack of delivery options.

A restaurateur from Powai said, “The plan seems good, but it would have been better had the government provided the restaurants with an alternative in advance. As of date, all the options we can think of aren’t feasible. There are companies that are making cardboard boxes, but as the manufactures are few in number, the commodity is way too expensive.”

He added, “Aluminium container is surely an option, if it’s a dry item, there’s nothing better than this. What when we have to pack gravies, now that’s a task. I’m positive that the government has a bigger plan, we tackled demonetisation, plastic too shall pass.”

A restaurant in Pune has come up with an innovative idea of delivery options by using steel boxes to send out their food.

A restaurant in Pune has come up with an innovative idea of keeping continuing the delivery operations by using steel lunch boxes to send out their food. This is being done as there is a ban on plastic in Maharashtra. The restaurant now also asks customers to return the boxes after delivery.

While taking a takeaway, the restaurant has asked the customers to pay a deposit of Rs 200, which will be given back to them after they return the boxes. On March 23, the Maharashtra government issued a notification thus imposing a ban on the manufacture and sale of plastic items such as bags, spoons, bottles, and thermocol.

The environment minister informed that the government is planning on clamping down the industries that are manufacturing plastic products.

The people who will violate the plastic ban will be fined. For first time offenders, the fine will be Rs 5,000, whereas for the second time they will be fined Rs 10,000. And, for people who are violating the ban for the third time, there will be a fine of Rs 25,000.

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In order to replace the plastic bags, paper and cloth bags will be made available in the market. When asked about people not being aware of the plastic ban, he disclosed that boards will be put up all over the airport, railway stations, and public places.

The people who have plastic bags will then dispose of it in the dustbin. The Maharashtra government has issued a notification that a ban on manufacture, use, sale and distribution of all plastic items has been levied.

After seeing around a quantity of 1,200 metric tonnes of waste in the state, the Bombay High Court called the ban reasonable and stated that it will be effective immediately.

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