Minutes after allegedly killing Shailza, Army major called one of this three girlfriends

Minutes after allegedly killing an Army officer’s wife, Major Nikhil Handa called and confessed his crime to one of his girlfriends, police said. A police officer who was investigating his case got to know this when he went through his call history. He found out that Major has three girlfriends in Delhi.

The woman he allegedly called and informed about the murder is much older to him, police said. “He is most attached to this woman. But when he told her about killing Shailza Dwivedi, she thought he was bluffing and disconnected the phone call. She did not feel the need to alert the police,” said the officer.

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After that, the woman was questioned by the police but she was too ignorant about Handa’s crime, to which the investigators said that it was preplanned. “The woman is a divorcee and has grown-up children. We tried to ensure her relatives or neighbours did not get a whiff about her relations with Handa,” said the officer who is not authorised to speak to the media.

Handa created a fake profile on Facebook in 2015 to befriend women and he sent friend requests to random women. “Handa had come across Shailza’s Facebook profile while surfing from the fake account but did not send a friend request when he realised she too was the wife of an Indian Army Major. Instead, he met her directly during a get-together,” said the officer.

“Each of these women he has had an affair with or was chasing had a faint idea of his multiple affairs but he was able to convince them to continue their relationships with him,” said the interrogator.

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To pursue Shailza for marriage, Handa came on June 4 with an excuse of migraine and told Shailza to meet at the Army Base Hospital in the Delhi Cantonment area for physiotherapy sessions. It was the visit to the hospital that gave him away. “When Shailza’s husband Amit Dwivedi could not contact his wife on Saturday, he visited the hospital and requested to see CCTV footage. In the footage, Amit spotted Handa. He was alerted as Handa was posted in Dimapur in Nagaland and wasn’t supposed to be in Delhi,” said the investigator.

Since Amit was aware of the alleged unwanted attention his wife was receiving from Handa, he approached the police who informed him of his wife’s murder.


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