Army Major posed as businessman on Facebook; lured three more girls

Army Major Amit Dwivedi’s wife, Shailja Dwivedi, known to be Mrs India Earth finalist was murdered by another Army Major Nikhil Handa when Shailja allegedly refused to marry her, according to  reports. After several rounds of investigation, there is a new turn in the story.

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As per the reports given by NewsMobile partner Republic, Nikhil Handa met Shailaja Dwivedi on Facebook in 2015 and introduced himself as a businessman to her and continued talking to her with the same identity for six months. Handa, was then posted to Srinagar and in 2016 his posting came to Dimapur and he finally told her that he serves in the Indian Army.

During the investigation, he told the police that he lived near Shailja’s house and once Shailja invited him in a party and introduced Handa to her husband and after that Shailja’s husband and Handa became good friends.

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In the enquiry, the police got to know that Nikhil made a fake profile and trapped three girls. Accused Major Handa told during the investigation, that two weeks before Shailja and Handa fought on something and it went too far so Shailja gave a threat to him for court marshall. Amidst the threats he decided to kill her. Meanwhile he is in 4-day custody of police.



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