WhatsApp finally rolls out group video and voice calls

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WhatsApp finally rolls out group video and voice calls

Whatsapp recently rolled out a new feature which allows Android users to do group video and voice calls. This feature is available for iOS and Android users and will be soon available for Windows phone users as well.

After updating the app, the users can call up to three of their friends to join the call that is four people can talk at the same time including the caller.

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The feature was announced at the Facebook annual developers’ conference. The steps to group caret is very easy. No specific button has been introduced but the users can add other people in a two way conversation.

While the users can add people they can also receive calls, voice and video, from other people. The screen breaks into maximum four screens during the video call and display pictures are seen during a voice call.

Follow these steps to make group video calls:

  1. Call a person from your contact list
  2. Click on the add person icon on the screen
  3. Select person from your contact list
  4. As soon as the person accepts the call, the screen will divide to accommodate the person who has just joined the call.

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