Royal baby traditions you did not know existed

Royal Baby traditions you did not know existed
Royal baby traditions you did not know existed

Being royal might sound awesome and fancy but it is way too difficult and tiresome. Everything has to be done royally and should follow a tradition. Even a baby has to follow traditions. These Baby traditions will make you feel happy about not being Royal.

Special Royal Blanket

All babies born in the royal family are wrapped in the same blanket when they are born. This blanket has belonged to the royal family for more than 100 years when the first one tore they replaced it with a replica.

Baby’s Gender

The Royals don’t reveal the gender of the child, not even to the parents if it is a boy or a girl.

In-house births

Royal families do not believe in the concept of hospitals, all babies are born in the Buckingham Palace. Princess Diana broke this tradition and gave birth to both her sons in a private Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital.

Naming the baby

One name? No fun. A royal baby should at least have 3 names along with his name. Last names? Again, it has to be interesting, shouldn’t it? Royal babies’ last names are actually the names of the country they rule.

No Daddy!

Well, the prince is not allowed to be with the princess at the time of the delivery. This tradition was broken by none other than the Queen herself.

Queen above all

Queen Elizabeth II should be told about the royal birth before anyone else, even before the newborn’s grandparents.

No baby showers

Royal moms are not allowed to have baby showers for their kids. That means no gifts *crying emoticon*.

62 Gun salute

When a royal baby is born, 62 guns go off from the Tower of London. How many were blown when you were born, Huh? Thought so!

Breast Feeding

Royal mothers, just like normal mothers are supposed to breastfeed their baby. Congratulations you have something common with the Royals at last.

Maternity Leave

Well, even royal parents deserve a vacation, don’t they? After the royal baby is born, the Prince and Princess get a few weeks off to spend time with their newborn.


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