Maharashtra government bans the use of plastic

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Plastic health hazard; human stool tests positive for microplastics

Maharashtra government has banned the usage of plastic. It includes the ban on manufacture, usage, retail, wholesale, transport, distribution and storage of plastic to reduce the adverse effects of the products on the environment. Anyone found using plastic, will be fined between Rs. 5,000-25,000. The ban will be implemented from June 23, 2018.

But some items have been exempted from the ban. Here’s the list:

  • The plastic used to pack medicines due to the sensitive nature of the product is exempted. Also, the amount of plastic used in this packaging is very less.
  • Compostable plastic bags: Bags needed to carry bio-degradable solid waste, mainly used for agriculture.
  • Usage of plastic is allowed for the packaging when exporting goods.
  • Ban is exempted when some parts of the products need to be covered at the manufacturing stage to maintain the integrity.
  • Food grade plastic bags are exempted with less than 50 microns of thickness.

A few days back Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had proposed to bring the fine to Rs. 200 but the officials were not sure if the civic body is allowed to do so, thus the minimum fine is Rs.5000 as of now.

Indian Railway Catering Association is planning to give paper cups and paper plates instead of plastic ones. They will change for the wrapping of the other products. They will also bring in bottle crushing machines at the stations for better disposal.

‘Buy pack’ has also been introduced where licensees will offer money on the deposition of every bottle to them. There’s no official communication whether the government will pay this money back to the licensees.


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