FIFA Fever: Beer crisis hits Moscow

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As Russia is high on football fever, Moscow is facing a beer crisis due to its high demand during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Some bars and cafes are facing the danger of going dry because of the steep rise in beer demand.

The bars are running low and have to wait longer than usual to get the fresh supply.

“We just didn’t think they would only want beer,” a waiter at an upscale eatery in central Moscow was quoted in a report.

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Moscow has undergone a makeover because of the FIFA World Cup. Singing, chanting and beer-drinking fans filled some bars around Kremlin and Red Square.

Even the supplier stocks are running low, which has resulted in delayed delivery to the bars. Sales of beer had fallen in the past as the duties had risen and rules had been tightened on sales and advertising. Brewers had not expected any change in this trend.

Dmitry, a barman at trendy courtyard bar Gogol, said visiting soccer fans had drunk 800 litres of beer in three days, downing the cheap lager before moving on to more expensive bottled beers.

Gogol was taking three deliveries on Tuesday to replenish supplies, he said, as workers busily unpacked boxes of beer, vodka and whiskey from a nearby van.

Where there is sun and football, beer has be present. The real struggle of the soccer fans is to find out the place they will get the beer.

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