Income of farmers to double by 2022, says PM Modi

PM Modi addresses farmers on Wednesday

The farmer of our country have been left to the vagaries of nation and providing them with scientific innovations has been delayed long, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a dialogue with farmers across the country. “We are working toward ensuring that farmer income will double by 2022, though people are very skeptical,” he said while interacting with the farmers and the nation through video conferencing.

Key Takeaways

  • We have changed the old policies, obstacles have been removed for the farmer
  • Aim is four-fold – lower cost of raw material, fair value of yield, reduce waste of yield, and last alternative sources of ‘Adamani’ are ready
  • Decided to increase MSP 1.5 times it will include the cost of hard works, lease, raw material
  • Agriculture budget has been doubled to Rs 2.12 lakh crore from 1.21 lakh crore earlier
  • Now there has been record produce of grain, veg, fruits and dairy
  • Last 48 months have seen unprecedented change in agriculture
  • Food grain production is now 280 million tons up from 250 million tons in 2010-14
  • Production of pulses has increased by 10.5%, while horticulture increased by 15%
  • Blue revolution (fish-farming) has increased 25%
  • 24% increase in animal husbandry and milk production
  • Policies to assist the farmer on the entire cycle of production, from sowing the seed-to-market the produce, introduced.
  • Ugani Soil health card helps the farmer decide what best can be grown on the soil
  • Scope of Kissan credit card has been widened
  • Today there is 100 per cent neem coating urea
  • More than 99 irrigation programmes have been completed so that every farm gets water. More than 30 lakh hectare land has come under irrigation
  • Insurance has been provided for the crop, so remove the risk of losing the harvest
  • Online platform eNAM has been launched so that farmer gets the full price for his produce and eliminates the need for middle man. Has already registered 100 lakh farmer and 1.10 traders
  • Farmers are using modern machines and tools now
  • Today 22 lakh hectares under organic farming which was 6-7 lakhs earlier
  • Bee farming can be a source of income for the farmers. Till now poultry, fish and animals husbandry have been encouraged. Now Rs 3,000 crore have been provided for bee farming.

He spoke to farmers starting from Kanker in Chhattisgarh followed Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh, Solapur in Maharashtra, Sikkim, 24 Parganas, West Begal, Jodhpur, Orissa and Shahjahanpur, UP.

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