Study suggests people who travel alone are more intelligent!

The people who travel alone are more intelligent than the people who travel with others. Psychologists also stated that people living in rural areas are happier than the people living in urban areas. This study was actually based on Savanna theory of happiness, this theory suggests that people who socialize less are more intelligent and remain happy.


They compared more rural living to how ancestors once travelled in close-knit, smaller tribes. Basically, the lifestyles of hunter-gatherer tribes have formed the evolutionary foundation for what makes people happy now.

After they conducted the study, they concluded that, for an average person actively socializing with people and living in a smaller town is the key to happiness but for a highly intelligent people it was somewhat different.

It was a beautiful evening
It was a beautiful evening

They also observed that smarter people spend time alone and take days off for just travelling alone. They contemplate on life and come back with some richer experiences.


Maybe its that time of the year when we all should pack our bags and go on an alone trip to a secluded place to find answers!


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