Rescued monkey learns to play the piano

Yashodha, an assistant sub-inspector from Karnataka was her way back home when she, saw an injured monkey lying on the side of the road. She rushed towards the animal who appeared to be wounded after suffering an electric shock from a nearby pole in the Kalaburagi area.

She took it to the hospital and after the necessary medication was given to the monkey, she brought it home. “Moment I saw the monkey was injured, I took it to the hospital and then brought it home”, she said while holding the monkey in her arms, she told Republic TV.

Yashodha says that taking care of the monkey gives her immense peace. The pictures clearly show the affection of the assistant sub-inspector towards her new friend.”I have been taking care of it and it gives me immense peace”

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In one of the picture, the sub-inspector is seen teaching the monkey to play Casio. The animal is seen observing patiently and makes an attempt to play it.

Previously, another monkey from Agra was making headlines but for all wrong reasons. The monkey snatched a bag full of two lakh rupees from a father and daughter at the entrance of Indian Overseas Bank at Dhankaran intersection in Navi’s mandi.

The bank’s guard along with the father-daughter duo chased the monkey but couldn’t get the bag. The monkeys, however, tore up the bag and scattered Rs 60,000, which were later recovered.


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