Top 5 Instagram accounts to follow in 2018

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Instagram is the most buzzing social networking application in the world and India is no exception. So which are the must-follow Instagram accounts of 2018? Here are the top 5. The accounts also have among the best photographs.


Owned by Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta, one of the best wedding photographers in India. She posts photographs of fascinating ceremonies and rituals of weddings from across the country. Her current following is 27,000.

Follow her at:


Hailing from Pune, Natasha Diddee is a fantastic home chef and a creator of magnificent recipes from all across the globe. Though she herself confines herself to a thoughtful diet, there is no end to her trying new recipes and letting her followers know about them on Instagram. She has approximately 52,000 followers on the application.

Follow her at:

Saffron Trail

The account is run by Nandita Iyer. By profession, she is a doctor and specialises in nutrition. Besides, following her Instagram account, you can attend the cooking workshops held by her. Her Instagram feed is always a delight to her followers. She has 43,000 followers at present.

Abhinav Singhal

Known for his surreal photography, Abhinav Singhal is a top Instagrammer and the followers adore his photographs. From nature to lifestyle, he excels in every field. Check out his feed to know the best of the world from him.


The adventurous traveller Shanjali Shahi is a cyclist and her journey includes Gujarat to Kanyakumari and her mountain cycling treks are a regular feature. During her cycling treks, she captures and shares pictures of hidden places and facts of India.


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