This techie bids a goodbye to his company in the most unusual way; check out how

In an unexpected move, a techie on his last day to office chose the best vehicle to ride for reaching his office and you even won’t be able to guess his ride- it was a HORSE! Roopesh Kumar Verma who works with Embassy Golf Links in Bengaluru also had a message attached to the horse which read ‘Last working day as a software engineer.’

The ride was all well planned but with it came with glitches too, Verma started from his residence at 7 am and reached EGL at 2 pm, with his “mode of transport” taking breaks amid the tiring traffic.

When the DH contacted Verma to know why he did what he did, he said he was “frustrated with his job”. He cited multiple reasons for the unique ride. “As software engineers, we solve complex problems for multinational companies. Why can’t we do the same and solve the problems in our country? I quit because I wanted to do something for my country,” he said.

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He said he wanted to get into Indian Army but unfortunately became a techie “I will shortly release a video on my decision with full details,” he said. Verma said he also nurtures startup dream too and he is also frustrated about Bengaluru traffic, pollution and trees are cut to make roads.

“I took horse-riding lessons for nearly a month to ensure that I reach office without any issues. My friends helped me plan and execute this ride. I am a pure vegetarian and love animals and that is the reason why I chose to ride a horse to give me a message” said Verma.


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