You should avoid carrying antibiotics while travelling

You should avoid carrying medicines while travelling
You should avoid carrying medicines while travelling

There is a common study which proves that if you carry medicines while travelling, you are more likely to consume them. Even if you need to carry them, it is imperative to consult the doctor before.

According to a survey by a renowned university, travellers carrying pills with them are more prone to popping them instead of those who travel without them, especially when it comes to antibiotics. This unprescribed use of such drugs can be a threat to human health.

As risk factors associated with the use of antibiotics, the study identified carrying of stand-by antibiotics, vomiting, diarrhoea disrupting or preventing daily activities and contacts with local health care at the destination.

The most common reason for the use of antibiotics is diarrhoea, the most prevalent disease among travellers, followed by respiratory infections. Antibiotics should only be used to treat severe diarrhoea, whereas for mild and moderate disease fluid therapy and non-antibiotic drugs suffice.


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