Ready to write a new chapter between our nations; Trump says after the Summit with Kim

US President Donald Trump described the agreement with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un historic. He further said it was a great day and a great moment in the history of the world.  “The first meeting between the President of the US and a leader of the North Korea was honest, direct and productive,” he said. “We are ready to write a new chapter between out nations,” he added.

Many things were achieved after the pact was signed, he added, including North Korea agreement to destroy a missile engine testing site.

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The Big Takeaways from his briefing

  • He said Kim is very talented as he had taken things in his hands at the age of 26.
  • Sanctions, on North Korea, will remain in place till we are sure of complete denuclearisation (of DPRK).
  • He said he would like to bring the 32,000 US soldiers, in south Korea back home, but it was not a part of the equation right now. “We will stop the very expensive war games,” he said referring to the exercises conducted with South Korea.

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  • No limit to what DPKR can achieve when it gives up nuclear weapons and opens up to commerce.
  • “We will verify the denuclearisation of N Korea.”
  • Chairman Kim has the opportunity to change the future for the people
  • Remains of 6,000 US citizens to be brought back
  • On human rights he said “I bought up the issue of human rights, we discussed it at length. Its a rough situation out there (North Korea).”
  • Work will start now and Mike and John Bolton, will hold follow-up meetings next week. We will also talk with China, Japan and South Korea.

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