The world’s best cities for dating

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Love knows no borders and no one knows that better than those who have found romance in another country. Location can be as important as anything for finding that just-right mix of attractiveness and chemistry.

If you’re looking for a relationship, whether in your home country or abroad, you can up your odds in places known for their vibrant dating scenes.

These five cities, which we have sorted includes laid-back bars that make meeting people easy, trendy restaurants for that perfect first date, lush parks for romantic walks and, most importantly, plenty of fun, friendly singles.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Few places could be more romantic than the capital of Argentina and the birthplace of one of the world’s most sensual dances: the tango.

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Buenos Aires is a city that embraces romance to its fullest. Everyone from teenagers to viejitos (older people) sit on park benches and gaze into each other’s eyes, make out, kiss sweetly, said Huchan, who is also the communications director for Virtual Dating Assistants, a service that helps men build better online dating profiles. Outside the park, socialising often happens over a bottle of local red wine in a romantic bar or in a boliche (nightclub).

Austin, US


The offbeat Texas capital has nightlife as diverse as its dating pool. There’s a saying here: “If you don’t like the scene, move on to the next bar until you do,” said Chandler Jones, a sales coordinator at the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Many bars and restaurants have outdoor seating with long communal tables that make meeting others easy and with 110 people moving to the city every day, according to Jones, there is no shortage of opportunity.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Founded as a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen has long summer nights (17 hours of daylight during the June summer solstice), giving romance extra time to bloom amid the city’s cobblestoned streets, wide beaches and plentiful parks and squares. It’s the city’s residents, however, that breathe life into the nights all year long.

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Locals are often known as the Latinos of Scandinavia, according to Copenhagen native Signe Thorup, thanks to their loudness, free-spirited nature and love of going out on the town. Across Scandinavia, the Copenhageners are known to be laid-back party people, she explained.

Montreal, Canada


With both a party atmosphere and a relaxed vibe, Montreal is an ideal place to date, say locals. It’s a romantic’s dream, said Nathan Munn, who moved to Montreal from Ottawa 12 years ago. Charming neighbourhoods, a laidback atmosphere and many intimate bistros are perfect for a couple’s night out.

Cape Town, South Africa


With a rolling vineyards, sandstone mountains and plenty of beaches, South Africa’s second-largest city has no shortage of dating activities and its relaxed, outgoing locals love to meet new people. Capetonians are not shy to let their hair down and have a good time. They are quite social and can make any conversation interesting.

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