Fancy magical creatures from Harry Potter’s world in your backyard?

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What’s life without a little magic? Imagine how interesting it would be if you had pets with magical powers or were friendly with magical people who came to your aid whenever you were in a fix. Whenever we think of magical creatures, our mind fills up with the extraordinary one from the Harry Potter series. Wouldn’t it be fun to have them hobnobbing with us? Here’s our wish list,


How amazing it would be if your mom asks you to bring something from the market and you finish the task in just 5 minutes. You fly from your balcony and land up directly at the shop. This could happen if you owned a Hippogriff. Magical beings that are offspring of mare and griffin – a magical creature with a head and wings of an eagle and body of a lion. They are calm and demand respect before they do your bidding.


You may not want a green viper – a venomous snake – as a pet but, this one is powerful. It’s a Basilisk. It understands human behavior and is very intelligent. It can speak to you in parseltongue or snake language and can kill a man within seconds with its powerful venom. The only problem is that she would expect you to feed her blood of wizards. Do you think that is manageable?

Boarhound Dog

You might think that if you own Fangs like Hagrid then you are safe in your house and he will knock down every intruder, but it’s totally the opposite. Although huge in size with intimidating looks, it’s a happy-go-lucky dog and a coward at times. However, you could use it as a baby sitter to look after your toddler siblings. The food of its choice is earwax!


If an Acromantula guides your house then you are definitely safe. It is a spider as big as an elephant. They can communicate in human language. They possess eight eyes and a leg span of up to 15 feet. You will hear clicking sound whenever they are excited.



How about owning an owl which is highly intelligent and a loyal companion? They can drop your mails wherever you want. They also have soft wings which makes them silent stalkers. In case you are surrounded by enemies and have lost your wand, your pet owl can always glide in with it at the cost of its life. Interested?

House Elf

A house elf is the perhaps the best magical creature to own. Very obedient and skinny creatures they punish themselves if they disobey their master for any reason. A slave to the master, a house elf can only be freed when someone gives it any clothing. Really low maintenance, they eat leftovers and scrap and do all your housework for you. They have extra magical that are sometimes more powerful compared to their wizard masters.

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