Conscient World Cup moves up to week 2; here’s what to expect

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Conscient World Cup moves up to week 2; here's what to expect

There is a change in the air of Mumbai since the past week, no you guessed wrong it’s not the rains we are talking about, it’s the biggest private academies tournament in Mumbai!

The Conscient World Cup 2018 started last week and took Mumbai by a storm. The first week featured some of the best football in Mumbai and created a buzz among the elite academies of the busiest city in India.

The Conscient World Cup week 2 is set to feature some exciting edge of the seat action with the tournament entering its business end. The semi-final competition will start tomorrow and will be played between the top teams of each group. The competition has grown intense with each passing match and teams like FCBEscola, Western United, GIFA, CFCI and FCM etc. dominating various age groups.

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In the U-19 Girls category, KNFC has shown itself as the top of the lot as they continued their unbeaten run throughout the first two days and have qualified for the semi-finals, they now await the conclusion of the group stages to see their opponent in the playoffs. Boys U-19 and U-16 matches were played at the FCBEscola South Mumbai Center and featured a host of exciting actions with players who feature regularly in I League and other top tier competitions playing in the age category.

The Boys U-14 is setting up a mouthwatering finale as Samuel Football Academy and FCBEscola Mumbai Blau have both dominated their groups with style and could set up a potential final with each other. FCBEscola Mumbai Blau and CFCI have dominated the U-12 age category as they put up a show in their respective age groups by exhibiting some brilliant football.

GIFA, FCBEscola Blau and Western United have made the matches interesting in the U10 age category with the three all set to qualify for playoffs. The U8 age category is dominated by FCBEscola Blau and the Soccer Academy who exhibited skill unparalleled in their age groups.

With exciting matchups in all age categories, Mumbai is all set to witness the clash of the Titans with the friendly and supportive nature that only Conscient World Cup can provide. The scores will be updated on the official Conscient Football app which is available on Google Playstore.

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