Mumbai breaks own record by handling 1,003 takeoffs and landings in a day

Mumbai airport has broken its own world record of handling maximum number of flights in a 24-hour period on a single runway. On Tuesday, the airport handled 1003 landings and take-offs, according to Mumbai International Airport Limited. Mumbai’s previous record was handling 980 flights in February this year.

The sudden spike was attributed to a storm on Monday that led to flight delays and diversions. Many flights spilled over to Tuesday increasing the flight movements at the airport.

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London’s Gatwick airport was a distant second with over 800 flight movements per day.

The Mumbai airport has two runways but it can operate only one at a time. The primary runway can handle 48 arrivals and departures per hour, while the secondary can handle 35 flights.

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Mumbai airport is expected to reach saturation point this year. A second airport is being constructed in Navi Mumbai.

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